Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ecotools Pencil Brush with Sharpener / Review

Warning, this is going to be a quickie!

At the drugstore today Ecotools brushes where on special and I stumbled on this little gem that I had never noticed before...

Ecotools Pencil Brush with Sharpener...

I've wanted a pencil brush for a little while now but since it wasn't high on my Beauty Envy list, let's just say I wasn't that anxious about finding one. Until now I had been using one of my angled eye liner brushes to do little *corner details* for lack of a better explanation and it worked fine but this little number here will be even better and at less than $5.00, perfect!

When I got home and took it out of it's packaging I had a nice surprise. There's a sharpener on the other end! How cool is that? I rarely use crayons but as it happens I bought one today, also on special from Annabelle. With this brush I won't have to dig into my drawers to find a sharpener, it'll always be there, ready to use and most importantly, easy to find!

Pencil brush on one end + pencil sharpener on the other = Smart!

Here is the tip of the brush with my M.A.C Beluga 
eye shadow to give you an idea of its size. 

I won't start about the quality of the brush itself since everyone, I hope, knows Ecotools makes good affordable ones that are great for beginners or as backups for when your other brushes have been cleaned. Since this is not the type of brush I'll be using every day, it'll do just fine.

So this was a good purchase and Wallet was happy about the price too! :)

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