Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Good Thing About Clear Lipliners...

I think the last time I wore a lip crayon was probably 15 years ago!

For a dark color it's almost a must if you want it to look it's best. A lip crayon helps define and correct the shape of the lips but also works as a barrier preventing the lipstick to bleed and look all smudgy.

Now as I've said I haven't use one in ages due in part to the fact that I don't wear dark colors anymore and I don't really have bleeding problems with the lipstick formulas I wear.

It's not the same with lip glosses! They make our lips shiny and pretty but wow can they bleed and this happens even on young firm lips.

The solution... A clear lip liner!

You may have overlooked these, maybe even wondered what they were for well you now have your answer!

A clear lip liner is perfect for lip glosses and also for when you can't seem to find the exact same color as your lipstick.

Here are three different options...

Lancôme $27.00

Urban Decay $23.00

Maybelline under $10.00

I will be getting one of these real soon since I'm hearing a few of my lip glosses complaining about the lack of love they've received recently.

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