Monday, April 8, 2013

A Must Have? Makeup For Ever Technicolor Limited Edition Palette

A palette of beautiful, highly pigmented colors. Available at Sephora it retails for $50.00. A good addition to any collection and if you're not bold enough to create a complete look with them, they can still make great accent shades.

Now the palette is kind of small for the price but like I said, they are very pigmented and of good quality. The reason I personally hesitated when I saw and swatched the colors are the yellow, the green and the white. I don't think I would have any use for them but I'm still on the fence about it since except for the Yellow Beige which is iridescent, all the other shadows are matte.

Decisions, decisions...

Update (April 10th)

See in the comments section below, Tavia's comment about this palette. She writes:

"I really wanted this palette right from the moment I found out about it. I called the MUFE store and talked to a one of the make up artists there that I know well, but luckily (I used to find out later why) it wasn't available just yet. Later on when I read the reviews, I was disappointed by the quality of some of the eyeshadows because only less than half of them have a good quality, making most of them being only OK or terrible so I turned back from the idea of buying it. Also my friend from MUFE told me I'd better get something else instead. "

Based on this, my decision has been taken. I will not purchase it. From what I could tell when I swatched the colors they "seemed" of good quality. Now swatching and wearing an entire day are two different things and since I've been having issues recently with eyeshadow performance, I will rely on Tavia's information.

Thanks Tavia!

See Tavia's blog, Chic Profile here.

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