Monday, April 22, 2013

Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder / Review

In the past few years, loose powder has become a staple for me. I've mentioned several times already, I rarely wear foundation and so in the morning, after putting on my moisturizer, it's perfect to take care of the shine and it allows me to brush on bronzer effortlessly.

In a recent entry I showed what my old Clinique loose powder looked like. I had it for the longest time and it needed to be replaced, not because the container was in bad shape but because there was hardly any powder left. I'm still amazed at myself. It took years but I did get to the bottom of the jar!

I could have replaced with the same but for the sake of trying I looked to other brands and decided to go with Laura Mercier.

I purchased the Mineral Finishing Powder which comes in one shade only, 1 Translucent. I got the last jar from the drawer since there where none left on the shelf display. Last jar, I took this as a good sign. On Sephora's website, we can see that Laura Mercier has in fact six different types of loose powder. In the store there where only two, this one and the Mineral Powder SPF15 which comes in height different shades.

The price? It is more expensive: $42.00 for 12 g, compared to Clinique which is $27.00 for 35 g. Quite a difference!

How does it perform?

Well but nothing exceptional. It does what it's suppose to do, which for me is mainly taking care of the shine but it leaves a white cast which I didn't get with Clinique.

Do I recommend Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder? Sadly, no.

It's a good product but it's not all that. I find it's texture coarser than my old Clinique and the white cast, since I'm quite fair, I found surprising. If you have a darker skintone than check this one off your list.

Then there's the cost! Considering that it's almost twice the price for a third of what you get with Clinique then I guess it's a no brainer.

So for me this one is a no but remember, Laura Mercier has six loose powders in all, five of which I haven't swatched nor tried.

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