Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving On...

The last chapter was written on Saturday. I sincerely hope that both Catherine and I have made him proud. Now we'll have to satisfy ourselves with the fact that he's keeping an eye on us from Heaven.

This was pinned by Catherine on her Pinterest
She's a smart girl!
Taken from here.

Now comes the hard part, moving on. Just writing those words hurt my soul but I know I have no choice. If it were only me I would probably drag my feet for a longer period of time but for my daughter I have to start now. I want to make sure that I'll be able to provide for her all or at least almost all her father would have. I can not be a stay at home mom / beauty blogger.

Beauty blogging! I'm out of the loop at the moment. It will take me a few weeks to get back into it so please do stick around. I have no plans to stop doing this since I love it so much and it has helped me a great deal while my husband was sick. It was and will remain a way to express myself, an escape from a certain daily routine as well as an escape from loneliness. The latter has hit me hard. No more daily trips to the hospital, no more taking care of my love. This is not the end result we where expecting.

Catherine & I want to thank you all for your caring messages through email, blog and the 150+ we got on MUA. They where comforting and have helped us face our new reality.

I'll be working on some new entries to be posted soon so do look for Icaria's

For now, I've powdered my nose, MUFE lipstick is on and out the door I go to get what's needed for a Frittata for two!

One of André's favorite songs in recent years. Lovely, just lovely!

Again, thank you!

Hélène & Catherine

For all my webfriends, Laura, Brynda, Juliet, Lynn, Mariella, Gita, Matt, Kai, Linda, Tracy, Stacey, Gio, Olivia & all of you I'm forgetting at the moment. Thank you for your words, your support and your friendship.

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