Monday, April 15, 2013

Makeup Empties, What Has To Go!

Spring cleaning comes with the realisation that some stuff just has to go! I do believe I have the soul of a hoarder and that has to stop! I rarely throw away stuff, I still have some old Dior eyeshadow quads, lots of old Estée Lauder, some Lancôme and who knows what else. I guess I'll have to do some sort of "retro" entry eventually to show you.

For now let's see what I've discarded. These items where still in my every day makeup bag or should I say on the table where I do my makeup in the morning, mixed in with what I really use. All except two, have been reviewed already.

Clinique Blended Face Powder in Transparency 2
As you can see, this one is old! I've had it for years and can't even remember when I purchased it. A good everyday powder, these days it sells for $27.00. The reason I'm not replacing it is simply because of this blog. I need to try new ones in order to bring you reviews. For some reason I've reviewed Clinique's Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder but not this loose version. Nothing fancy, it gives a nice light sheer finish that is quite natural and yes, I would recommend it.

At under $10.00 this product is surprisingly excellent! I will probably repurchase to keep in an emergency bag for the office, once I have one to go to. :) 

An excellent formula that I was quite impressed with, I simply got tired of the small wand. The presentation is cute but clearly must be revisited by LUSH.

For the past 2 years or so, a favorite. I'm not saying I will not repurchase but again, I need to try new ones for this here blog. At $25.00, it's an excellent buy. Just keep in mind that the brush is a bit big, something not for everyone.

This I will not repurchase. Although the color was perfect, NW15 Light, it performed poorly. Too sheer, too thin, it was a disappointment.

This concealer ended up looking cakey and dried up my under eye area. Not what I was going for. 

Performed poorly on me and dried up in no time.

This I will keep with the hope that it will come back, one day... *Sniff*

This I got in a kit at Winners for less than the price of the mascara which usually goes for $20.00. It did ok by keeping the curl for a little over 5 hours but was not what I would consider an outstanding product. I will not repurchase. 

Personnelle Magic Potion
This could have been a nice inexpensive option as a activator. It's made to transform any powder eyeshadow into a stay put eyeliner. The problems, the little tiny wand with the rough tiny sponge applicator at the end and the opening is too small to insert any type of brush. I was able to work with it by shaking the container to get a drop of it. I mixed it with my The Body Shop cake eyeliner and it did make the color darker than with plain water but it did not make it last much longer. Even if this product sells for less than $5.00, it was not worth it. For those who don't know Personnelle (yes the spelling is right), it's a drugstore brand of inexpensive products. The only other product I've purchased is a lip gloss (for less than $4.00) that wasn't all that so I don't think I will try any of their other offerings. 

I will likely have more... I'm not done with Spring cleaning!

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