Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O.P.I Hands Off My Kielbasa, My NOTW / Review

Here I go with nails!

A word of warning, this is not my forte! 

I unfortunately do not have a picture of my nails due to the fact that the weather was cold and cloudy last week when I wore it and nothing decent was possible. For swatches, google has plenty of this color which you can see here.

Hands Off My Kielbasa is part of O.P.I  Euro Centrale Collection for Spring Summer 2013. I purchased this color a few weeks back and made it part of one of my recent purchases post. It's light and peachy with a bit of bronzy shimmer. Too light and too peachy for me but even if this was not my kind of shade I must say the formula applied like a dream and 2 coats made it streakless. I may try it again this summer but with all the beautiful cream shades out there I doubt it. I just can't get used to shimmer, for now anyway.

How did it perform?

Excellent! I have nothing negative to say about the formula. Like stated above, two coats made it streakless and smooth looking. On top I applied one coat of Seche Vite™ for extra shine and protection. The result, a good six days of perfect looking nails. No chips, I did have a bit of tip wear, to be expected but since this is a medium shade, I could hardly notice.

Nail polish drawing made for Icaria's by City Lights Painted Girls who I will properly introduce soon.

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