Saturday, April 6, 2013

GOSH Matte Duo Eyeshadow in 005 Green Zone / Review

If there weren't more important things in life than makeup, this would be a sad story! For years I've been wearing M.A.C. Putty eyeshadow as a basic shade. It was perfect for my "no makeup" makeup look, perfect for everyday. Sadly it's been discontinued. It was a light green with no shimmer on the minty side when you looked at it but it came out like light olive green on my lids.

Like I said, if there weren't more important things in life, it would be sad!

Here I go on another quest! 

Finding if not a dupe, at least a similar shade. I started at The Bay where nothing came close among all the high end brands they have. All light green shades had shimmer! Why? I ended up at the drugstore! Found one!

GOSH Matte Duo Eyeshadow in 005 Green Zone

The light color, although darker than Putty, appeared perfect. I do believe I paid $12.99 for it so even if the dark green wasn't my cup of tea, I figured it's still less expensive than one M.A.C. eyeshadow which sells for $18.00. Now of course, the packaging quality of GOSH doesn't come close to the more expensive M.A.C. The only reason I'm comparing the two is because of my beloved Putty.

How did it perform?

Poorly! Sorry to say but I barely had a few hours of even color on my lids. When I swatched it, I can't say that it had big color payoff but I was hopeful. After all, it was a matte light green. 

How I used it?

I first tried it with Rimmel concealer on my lids as a base as well as with Laura Mercier's. No luck with either. Now I do not have oily eye lids so I guess it would be even less of a success if this is your case. An eyeshadow base? It could work but I've only tried one so far and will be writing a review of it in the next few days. It didn't look good with the base either. 

I will not be repurchasing any GOSH eyeshadows but reading some reviews about the brand, I may eventually consider trying an eyeliner and/or a lipstick since these items do get good comments. We'll see.

So, on to the next...

PS: It would appear that even if GOSH' eye shadows have lower prices, the quantity of product you get is flimsy compared to other brands like M.A.C. This based on reviews I just read on Makeup Alley. In other words, they end up being more expensive in the long run. If you still want to try them, since this is a brand sold in drugstores, wait for them to be reduced.

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