Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz / Review

I'll admit, I'm one of the lucky ones! I have super thick hair.

This has been said to my by several hairdressers, every time I go to a new one in fact. When I used to have my hair color done professionally it would always take 2x the usual amount of dye if not 3 depending on the lenght. When they blow dry it, they end up with quite a work out! 

So ok, I'm lucky! 

I do have one major issue! It's curly! Not in the nice way! It's in between, mid straight and mid curly. This means I have frizzy hair if I let it dry naturally. Even if I try to give it definition it doesn't look polished in any way. It only looks like I haven't made the effort to make myself more presentable. Good for when you know you're staying home for a few days but not good if you have to go out there in the world!

Blow dryer and flat iron are not enough to give my hair that chic sleek look. I need to put something in it (or is it on it? sorry, French got in the way here), otherwise, a few hours later it starts to frizz. It's very stubborn!

Le Sigh

I guess my hair has always been important to me but for whatever reason I've never really invested in hair products and I've never been faithful to any I've purchased through the years, except for shampoo. I cannot, will not live without Head and Shoulders! I've tried to replace it a few times and always end up with an itchy, uncomfortable scalp. Going crazy, not an option!

On the look out for a cream to help tame my mane I've stumbled upon a post from my friend Gingy (Gingerrama) about The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz.

It smells so delicious one has to refrain from tasting it. It's light and applies like a dream. The nice thing about it is it doesn't leave any chemical scent on my hands.

If only it performed better I would be in Brazil Nut Heaven!

Unfortunately, this product alone doesn't cut it. I've used it on damp hair, blow dried, flat ironed and a few hours later I could see some frizzies! The next morning, I had to use my flat iron all over. I noticed that it also made my hair a little greasy even though I was careful about the amount I used.

I also tried it on dry hair to give it definition. It barely lasted an hour.

Sadly, this product isn't made for my type of hair.


I really wanted it to be THE one. Like I said, the smell alone is so dreamy!

To read Gingy's review click here.

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