Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow no 34 Soft Ioden Green / Review

Now I swear I'm not obsessed... I think! 

Recently there was a bit of drama on Makeup Alley's makeup board. A member posted about her deception or should I say her desperation, over a M.A.C. lipstick that had been discontinued. This made me smile and brought back memories of when I used to work in cosmetics. How many times have I had to try to find a duplicate for a specific shade of lipstick for a customer? Often outdated and unflattering colors, whatever the suggestion, you could simply not convince them to go for something more current. Stuck in their ways they where. To give you an idea, some of them where still wearing that horrible creme bright blue eyeshadow right out of the 60's!

These days pretty much anything goes so it's not a big deal anymore and cosmetics companies like Makeup For Ever, M.A.C. and Inglot offer pretty much any color you can imagine.

Or do they?

My obsession with M.A.C. Putty isn't misplaced or at least that's what I want to believe. It's just that wearing in on the moving part of my lid helps tone down the redness and looks better on me than any other neutral does. It's a subtle shade, just the right hint of green which on my green eyes makes it quite flattering.

Green on green eyes? I know, I know, to make eyes pop you have to go towards opposite colors. For green, purple is more appropriate. I just can't do purple everyday, as an accent once in a while but everyday? No way!

This basic gives me the perfect "no makeup" makeup with a light, fresh twist. It's just perfect!

My quest to replace my beloved M.A.C. Putty eyeshadow may be over!

After the deception of the GOSH duo in 005 Green Zone, I continued my search for the perfect matte, light green eyeshadow. At Sephora, right after swatching all the beautiful NARS pink offerings, I turned around and stumbled upon the Make Up Forever single eyeshadows display. I don't know if all Sephoras are set up in the same fashion but here, both brands are next to one another.

Looking at the colors...  One caught my attention...  Could this be it?

Please don't let it be shiny!

Make Up For Ever no34, Soft Ioden Green is the closest to M.A.C. Putty I could find to this day! Not matte, it has a satin finish and it's also a little more bright, a little more minty than Putty. Still, it's pretty darn close. To tone it down, I reapply a little loose powder over my lids just before going for my eyeliner. The result, I get an almost perfect match!

MUFE no34, $24.00 at Sephora

How did it perform?

Honorably! This is my first Make Up For Ever eyeshadow and it fared much better than GOSH (not hard to do) but maybe not quite as well as M.A.C. Still, I get close to 6 hours of color on my lids and that's good enough for me considering the lack of choices out there for this type of shade. With it, no need to use a primer. I use the light Rimmel concealer and it's perfect as a base. I've also had good results with Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer which makes it a bit less bright.

*Happy Dance*

I will keep looking for the perfect match but for now I'm pretty happy with this one.

Here is what it looks like next to M.A.C. Putty.

Yes, as you can see, my Putty is OLD, you might even say VINTAGE! 

Le Sigh 

I do have to say for my defence that I've only been wearing it regularly for a little over a year. Before that it was tucked away in a drawer. For how long? I have no idea. Can you believe I'm a hoarder and keep my stuff? :D

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