Monday, April 29, 2013

Travalo! I Had No Idea This Existed!

As I was reading my emails this morning, the television was on. I'm not sure, I may have seen the commercial once without paying attention but today I looked at it and realised, now this is a smart little invention!

Travalo makes portable, purse size atomizers. The nice thing about them is you don't run the risk of spilling your fragrance. In the past you needed to have a non atomizer bottle of your fragrance and use a tiny funnel to fill a travel size spray. With Travalo it's so simple, just look at how it's done:

The great thing is that all their purse size sprays are quite affordable and are available across Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart /Pharmaprix. Just click on the picture to visit their website.

As you know some companies do make refillable atomizers of perfume but not all and they can still be quite expensive. This is a pretty nice option.

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