Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oh Dear! Another Troll Has Crashed & Burned...

I don't go much on MUA anymore but will still post here and there, especially for anniversaries. Here, one of our sweet members celebratory thread was disrupted in an abrupt way.

It started like this...

And ended like this...

This was the message that was removed by MUA:

Just bumpng since \i am awaiting JoshuaPs studies+

I gave yiou more than 24 hrs to respond.
I got your website for gay people ,none of my biz and doesn't fall into my thinking 1 way or the other AND also you argueing with a number of different derms. So studies??
message by cheesepleese 

I always find such rudeness surprising. Note that she even mentions the recent loss of her husband... I will not comment on this. Simply wether it's true or not, doesn't excuse the fact that no one has the right to behave this way. Treat others the way you want to be treated and be respectful. Before you join a group, try to learn a little about it first.

I'm glad to report that this person's profile was erased.

She will likely be back under another screen name... *sigh*

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