Tuesday, April 16, 2013

David Bowie & Illamasqua!


How I wish I were a Londoner this week! Why? Two words: David Bowie.

First, the Victoria and Albert museum is currently holding the first international retrospective of the career of this outstanding artist: David Bowie is

Then, to make matters worst, Selfridges is collaborating with the museum and presenting it's own homage with David Bowie is All Yours and they've asked Illamasqua's creative director Alex Box to come up with Bowie inspired makeup looks. This event will take place from April 18th to the 25th.

Illamasqua is a brand I would love to have the opportunity to play with! The colors, the looks, are just amazing! Unfortunately they are not in stores in Canada. At Sephora, we only have the nail polishes, lame! I tweeted Illamasqua a while back, asking if they had any intentions of introducing their makeup line in a Canadian brick and mortar store and the answer was, no! I never buy online. Reason, I have to see, try, swatch first. Argh!!!

So, no Illamasqua at Selfridges, no Victoria and Albert and no David Bowie!

On both the Illamasqua and Selfridges websites you can see makeup sketches inspired by the look of David Bowie.

Here are two different looks of the musical icon, theatrical and classic elegance...

Labyrinth from 1986, starring Jennifer Connelly as a teenage girl in search of her half brother 
and David Bowie as the Goblin King.

David Bowie, Modern Love
From the album Let's Dance, released in 1983.

Oh how I wish I could see the exibit at the V & A!  :(

To learn more about the artist and the events:

David Bowie

Victoria and Albert Museum

Selfridges & Co



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