Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing City Lights Painted Girls

As some of you may have noticed, I've only recently started to take my own pictures for this here blog. Before, I would go on company websites for screen captures to show you the products mentioned, reviewed. Last Winter I tried several times to take photos but the lighting was always wrong. I didn't have any set up outside and it was way too cold anyways.

My pictures are not the best, I'm well aware of this but I'm doing the best I can with what I have. Now the weather is milder but the sun is still shy. I spent an entire week with products all over my dining room table, ready for their close ups. When finally I had, what I figured would be the right lighting, my camera battery was dead! The next day I still went ahead and took some pictures even if it was cloudy. I was tired of waiting.

For swatches, so far I haven't been able to take a lot of those. Again, my camera is pretty basic and won't allow real close ups. I'm still working on that and hopefully I will figure out how to take pictures of those as well.

Now it's not always necessary to have pictures per say since I sometimes go on rambling about stuff!

Earlier this year I stumbled upon some drawings that I quite simply fell in love with. One in particular, of nail polishes caught my eye and so I started thinking. Would the artist agree to create some images especially for Icaria's?

This is the first drawing I saw, the one that caught my eye.

On January 15th I gathered up my courage and sent her message. I told her about my interest, about the fact that it could be a two way collaboration if she would agree.

As you all know, I share! By this I mean, I always include links of my sources, I always include links to other blogs when they have been sources of inspiration and I always tweet link love so my followers can go have a look at what others are doing.

My take on this, simply put, the more you share, the better one feels. That's my case anyway.

So, to my delight, she agreed!

Her name is Miriam. She lives in Rotterdam in The Netherlands with her husband, her one year old little boy and a girl cat named Sosje (meaning little puff cake). Last year, she decided to test the waters to see how her art would be received with only her husband aware of her plan. The responses have been so positive and she is now being solicited to create more images. I'm so happy about this.

She creates mainly fashion drawings but I must say that I was right, her products illustrations are excellent! For her to come up with the ones shown below, we've only had to exchange a few emails. Hardly any adjustments where necessary, she knew right from the start what I wanted.


These are four of the drawings she created for Icaria's. Can I just say, again, that they are perfect! I just love them!

City Lights Painted Girls

Just so you know, her signature is on each of them. They belong to CLPG and I have the privilege to use them. Please do not copy/paste without linking back to either Icaria's or City Lights Painted Girls. Every time I use one of these as well as the others Miriam has created for Icaria's, I will link back to her site. It's the right thing to do!

City Lights Painted Girls, do go give Miriam a nice big "Like"!

Oh and Miriam, you know I will ask you for more... Don't you?

Thank you Lovely for these! xoxoxo Hélène

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