Monday, April 29, 2013

Avon Mark Glowdalicious in Prettied Up / Review

This I've purchased when it first came up a few years back. I've rediscovered it this past weekend while I was trying to organize my makeup. So far, I'm not having too much luck with that! Anyways, I'm glad it's still on the market.

I remember when I first received and tried it, being extremely disappointed. So much shimmer! I felt like a disco ball! In fact, I had to wash my face to completely remove what was for me at the time, the glitter!

The mistake I made was wanting to use it as an all over bronzer. If you approach this product as an enhancer/highlighter, it's a whole different thing and it turns out to be a very nice product.

Three shimmering shades that can be used all mixed together or individually.

The brush is hidden under the powder.

If you use the brush that comes with the compact, 
you will notice a lot of falling out. The bristles are too stiff.

I've made some tests yesterday and I must say I'm more than happy to have rediscovered this. It's perfect as a highlighter. Especially the pink outer ring and the whitish middle. I've used a little of the pink on top of my Guerlain Terracotta and it gave me a dewy effect. A touch of the light shade right in the middle close to my eyebrows was enough to illuminate the eyes. For this I used a small soft bristle blush brush. The one that comes with the compact has bristles that are much too stiff to get any kind of soft effect. Maybe if it's gently washed a few times it would soften it but I haven't tried that and don't think I will bother.

Do I recommend Mark Glowdalicious in Prettied Up? Yes!

For the price, $16.00, it's a nice addition as long as you don't use it for an all over look for daytime. I haven't tried it at night but I do believe the shimmer would still be a little too noticeable for that purpose. But hey, that's me!

Prettied Up is the lightest option but it also comes in Shimmied Up and in Amped Up which is darker and may have less glitter.

The compact is quite good looking, it's the same as the Matte-Nificent powder ($10.00) which I've already mentioned in my Beautiful Compacts entry.


MakeupAlley: 3.4 / 5 lippies for 7 reviews and yes, the last one is indeed me. :(
Beauté-test: has no reviews for this product.

Available through Avon.

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