Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've been tagged!

Back in February, on the 18th to be exact, I was tagged by my beauty blogger friend Tracy from Beauty Reflections. At the time, with everything I was dealing with, as many of you know, I wasn't feeling like playing along.

Moving forward, I figure this would be fun as my first "moving on" post. Here are the other ladies who where tagged by Tracy:

On to the questions:

1. What's the one beauty product you ALWAYS use no matter what?

There are a few but having to choose only one I have to say bronzer. I'm very pale with a roundish face so bronzer not only gives me a bit of color but also gives my face structure.

2. High end mascaras? Or drugstore mascaras?

High end. Almost all the ones I've purchased from the drugstore have performed poorly.

3. Lipstick? Or lip gloss? Or lip balm? Which do you prefer or wear most?

Yikes! This is a hard one for me! I think I actually use all 3 equally, for real!

4. What's the one makeup brand that you love everything they make, and could use for the rest of your life - shunning all others?  

I guess if I had to choose it would be Dior. The colors, the presentation, love all!

5. Who's your favourite character in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy?


6. How would you describe your beauty style?

Classic. Boring I know but I just can't go for anything to flashy. Also, it has to be fast. I guess I like an "almost no makeup" makeup look.

7. Do you follow makeup trends?

Rarely. Since I've figured out my basic makeup look ages ago, the one that suits me best, I rarely stray. I will however use a bit of a trendy color once in a while.

8. Do you like coloured mascara? Or not?

I don't like flashy colors. I find they give the eyes a washed up look. Darker shades I do like. Years ago I used to wear a Dior mascara in a deep burgundy color that went quite well with my green eyes. These days I'm back wearing black.

9. Cake? Or pie? Or what's your favourite dessert?

I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I do loooove ice cream!

10. Which do you prefer? Liquid eyeliner or pencils?

Neither! I've never been able to master liquid application and haven't found a true long wear pencil. So I guess I fall in between with gel eyeliner.

11. Do you use a bronzer? Every day or not at all? Which one is your favourite?

Well back to question no 1! I do wear a bronzer every day, can't live without it! My favourite, Guerlain Terracotta in 01 but I must admit that I've liked Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in 021 a lot as well.

Not only is the compact gorgeous but the product is outstandingly luxurious!

Ok so now it's my turn!

1. What is your current favourite skin care product? The product you can't live without?

2. What would you say is your best facial feature? What do you emphasise most?

3. What is your favourite book of all time? Or what is your favourite movie of all time?

4. Name 3 makeup or beauty items you always keep with you at all times.

5. Loose powder or compact powder?

6. Lipstick, do you find yourself going for neutral colors or bold colors?

7. Do you use a lip liner?

8. What is your signature dish? Or what is your favourite dish?

9. Do you wear nail polish? If yes, do you have a favourite brand?

10. At what age did you start wearing makeup?

Here are the ladies with fabulous blogs I've selected. Of course, playing along is entirely up to you! Since I've been out of the loop for a bit, I'm sorry if you where tagged recently. I just hope you'll want to play again!


To see Tracy's Tag post, click here.

Thanks Luv! xoxo

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