Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm A Happy Beauty Blogger!!!

Some of you may remember back in February I wrote about one of my articles that had been stolen by another weird cheapish looking site. A site probably set up just to sell stuff. They had shamelessly copied and pasted an entry without any link back. I responded with this post:

On Twitter today I caught a conversation between Sunny from Mostly Sunny and Kelly K from VampyVarnish. Apparently someone stole picture(s) from Sunny and watermarked it/them as their own.


Again, like mentioned in the above article, we work hard to prepare our articles, some of us have full time jobs and still do this because we love it!

This takes part of the fun away!

It doesn't take much to link back to the original!

I always do it!

Linking back to blogs, to Twitter accounts or facebook pages (although I rarely do since I have an aversion for it) won't take anything away. On the contrary, I believe it makes for a better, friendlier community.

It is a community!

Do pay these ladies a visit, I'm sure you will enjoy what they do!


Kelly K's

So, why am I a happy Blogger??? Because Sunny suggested I tweet Word Press about the theft. I went back to my emails to find the link so I could tweet it, clicked on it aaaaaannnddd.... IT'S GONE!!!

The link is broken, replaced by a more serious looking company, yes a company, not a free for all kind of cheapish site. Also, googling the page comes up with nothing!

So, I'm a happy beauty blogger! :D

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