Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Orange to Warm Things Up?

Why is it that every Monday I start the week with new beauty envies? The worst part is, this weekend, like the previous, I didn't get to go downtown and today I'm starting to feel like I'm in rehab!

What is this new craving of mine? Orange!

Orange is a warm and happy color. Warm, well, we kind of need it these days with the crazy weather. I know here I go again but believe me, it's just destabilizing. Mother Nature is becoming bi-polar (I totally stole this expression from my web friend Tamryn). One day it's screeching hot and the next you have to wear a coat! So yes, orange is a warm color that can help us forget about this craziness. Happy? Who doesn't agree with me? Orange is fun, it's the color kids reach for when they draw the sun and for good reason. Yellow can be so boring on white paper but orange pops!

For this Summer several cosmetic companies are having fun with orange. We've seen early Spring pops of coral, the mix of both pink and orange but now the two seem to want to part and go their separate ways. Bright pinks are coming out and gorgeous true oranges appear to want to make a serious statement.

Pinks, we are used to them but orange? It can be either flattering or a complete disaster. One has to be careful, a little too dark or a little too bright and we can end up looking like a clown especially when it comes to choosing a lipstick. So do keep that in mind if ever you are considering getting on the orange band-wagon.

M.A.C All About Orange

NARS Play With Fire

To learn more, just click on the pictures to visit respective websites.

So are you feeling it?

M.A.C picture from the Calgary Herald.
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