Sunday, June 30, 2013

Notable Reads, Vol. 12 & Bye Bye Google Reader...

I've decided to start with the links. Following is a kind of repeat of last week's entry about Google Reader. If you haven't made changes yet, have a look if you have then you can skip.

Another weird weather week! We've had some super hot days and a few cold ones. Most annoying, the rain! So much rain in fact that I have a carpet of mushrooms in my yard!

The picture on the left is from Friday and on the right from Saturday! Insane!

What caught my attention this week...

There were so many good entries this week that I've had to cut down a lot. Still, as you can see there are quite a few left on the list.

Beauty & Makeup...

Mostly Sunny Picks... Summer 2013, Mostly Sunny. My bloguerette buddy Sunny's favorites for the season are five fabulous products of which I have two and if I do decide to make a similar post, you can be sure they will be on it. The one on top, Diorskin Coral Glow of course! :)

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping! Pretty Gossip. Did you know that you where suppose to apply your top coat on wet nails? I sure didn't.

Face Mists, Beauty Reductionista. Liz tells us about three facial mists. Could their purpose simply be to refresh? I'm still not quite sure about their benefits but they sure are nice to use in Summer, especially on those hot days.

Skin Ally: A Pillowcase That Helps Acne, Moxie Review. It's no secret that for some, daily pillowcase changes makes a world of difference for their acne. Could this product help improve skin even more?

If Filofax Did Makeup Bags... Vivianna Does Makeup. Anna shows us a new type of makeup bag. I would love to get my hands on one of those.

Roll up, roll up! Whose fanny needs a facial? Lipblossiping. Charlotte tells us about... Brazillian Facials. What will they think of next?

Adventures in Nipple Hair or That Time I Naired My Boobs, Xojane. This is one funny read and although most won't admit it, many can relate. :) This was posted by my webfriend Meggan on Makeup Alley.

Seriously??? Cosmetic... Journey in The City. Chelle takes a saw to a tube of primer. Your read right, a saw! What a waste!


15 Fashionable Pinterest Boards You Simply Must Follow, Who What Wear. Tiffany Tse. So you are on Pinterest but simply don't know what to do on it or who to follow, well there's me of course, here, but this entry has some amazing pinners to suggest.

Kiehl's Gets Comic-al, Tinsel Creation. For some reason last week I completely forgot about this entry. Jessica wonders, would a serious comic books lover pop in a Kiehl's shop to purchase something due to this special edition of Captain America? See what her hubby's response was...

Luncheon with...Dior? Tinsel Creation. Jessica stumbled upon an ad which promotes Dior's upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The reference is quite puzzling and they seem to have taken some liberties without any real justifications. Édouard Manet (1832-1883) may have been flattered by the accolade but I'm not sure he would have gotten it either. Video posted below.

For your viewing enjoyment...

Dior's Secret Garden 2 - Versailles

This is a little bijou tweeted by Sascha from Beauty Geeks UK it's a must see, I'm not kidding!

Feminist Makeup Tutorial


Don't forget! Tomorrow July 1st Google Reader will no longer exist so if you want to continue to follow Icaria's, now I strongly hope you do, here's how you can keep in touch...

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Some of you will notice I don't have a facebook icon. As I've mentioned previously, I can't link my blog to it. When I enter my link it takes me to someone else's page. I know I should but I haven't taken the time to make another profile yet. As it is, I can't even search on it and all I know is that my Twitter feed goes on facebook. For some mysterious reason, I have no issues with any social media except for facebook. It totally puzzles me.

Have a great week everyone! xoxoxo

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