Sunday, June 2, 2013

Notable Reads, Vol. 9

I must be totally out of my mind! At the moment, as I'm writing this entry, it's pouring! Yes I'm outside, on my balcony but I'm protected from the rain. I have a view of the gazebo and two drenched towels with a bath mat that are still stuck on the clothes line. Also, since the weather has been so unpredictable, my grass is so long, I can't see my dog anymore when he goes in the yard! The sound of the rain is loud but oh so beautiful! Ok I may not be that crazy since I just spotted, a few yards over, a couple sitting in their gazebo.

Can you tell I love the rain? On those days, if you pay attention you'll notice the birds. On sunny days we hardly see them during the day but when it's cloudy, rainy, they come out to play. For some mysterious reason I haven't seen any Blue Jays this year but have this beautiful Cardinal that visits on a regular basis.

This Spring in Montreal has just been crazy. Heat, cold and now this deluge. Last night we had a flash storm but weirdly enough, lots and lots of lightning but no thunder. Again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice Summer because I do believe we deserve it after the horribly cold Winter we've had.

If you've ever visited Canada you probably already know that weather talk is almost always the best "ice breaker" (pun intended) when meeting people for the first time. If not right off the bat, the conversation eventually gets there. Just like shoveling and ice hockey are our favorite sports, weather talk is one of our favorite subjects to talk about.

Enough about the weather, although I may return to the subject, after all, my privilege, my blog.


Here's what caught my attention recently...

In beauty...

Permanent makeup-Eyebrows. Expat Make-Up Addict's Stacey, writes about her step by step experience with having her eyebrows "tattooed" and how she's so pleased with the results. If your eyebrows are an "eyesore" and you've been thinking about having this done, do read her article.

Back to Basics: Blush 101. You don't know how to apply your blush anymore? Gio from Beautiful with Brains shows us the different options of blush available on the market as well as good information on how to apply them. She also lists her top 6 blushes.

How to make thin of uneaven lips look full & fabulous without surgery. I'm not a huge video watcher but here, Lisa Eldridge shows why she's a master at what she does. I just must make the time to watch more.

The Painstaking Work of Brush Making. From The New York Times, Fashion & Style. If you've ever wondered why some brushes are so expensive this article explains why. It's an art, period!

Belle for Leather. How to Spend It, a guest post by Jane from British Beauty Blogger. About Le Rouge de Givenchy, what went into it's development and the many presentation possibilities.

A History of Nail Lacquer: Blood Red Nails On Your Fingertips. Beautifully Invisible. As some of you know, I'm a history addict and recently I've been almost obsessing over nail polishes. Here is an article that tells us why we love nail colors so much.

About fashion...

Secrets of an A-list dressing room. New York Post by Kirsten Fleming. A new film reveals the shocking celebrity shopping habits at NYC's luxe fashion palace Bergdorf Goodman.

Scenes of Glamour, The 25 Most Fashionable Movies. Vanity Fair.

From the Vanity Fair list.

On a sad note. On May 23rd the passing of Georges Moustaki was announced. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, he spent most of his life in France. Writer, composer, some of his songs are classics of the French language. Simple and romantic. Here below, one of my hubby's favorite songs.

The rain has stopped and the Sun seems to want to make an appearance. It's really humid so I don't think I'll be able to do much with my frizzy mane today.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday! xoxoxo

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