Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sally Hansen's Get Juiced / Review

This will not be my nail of the week!!!

Today I decided to pick up Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Juiced Up 400. I've been wanting a coral and knew I wouldn't be able to go and get Chanel Lilis this weekend so I figured why not try this one in the meantime.

The only thing it's got going is the nice big flat brush à la O.P.I. After that it goes downhill. The formula is on the thin side and the first coat was streaky. Sometimes this happens but when you apply the second coat it all falls into place. Not here! The second coat didn't fix anything and was just as horrible as the first.

I photographed my right hand because it's always a little harder to do than the left. That's of course if you are right handed to begin with. Notice my middle finger and please forgive the dry cuticles. I didn't bother to moisturise nor clean up the edges because this is coming off! Here the color appears a little darker than in reality. That's what happens at 6:00 pm with my camera when there is no sun.

The color is really lovely and would have been perfect for this week but streaks??? No way! 

These get on my nerves just as much as chips if not more and in reality they are worse than on the pictures.

Would I recommend Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Get Juiced? NOPE! 

So this is going in the fail bin, like, right now! At $8.59 it's way too expensive for the result I got.

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