Friday, June 21, 2013

Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Gel FX Coat...

Remember this scene from the movie Total Recall where a secretary or receptionist changed the color of her nail polish with the tip of a little stick?

Here on top of the image you can see the "magic" stick.

Ok so it may be a little old for most of you since this movie came out in 1990. Still, it was a pretty neat trick. I personally flipped when I first saw it and even if I wasn't much into nail polish I just loved the idea. Who knows, if it had really existed maybe I would have gotten a little more into it.

Out comes this product, available only at salons for the moment. Depending on the temperature, this top coat will change the color of your nail polish, a bit like a mood ring. I know there are shade shifting nail polishes out there for I've seen some a few years back but I wasn't impressed by the selection of colors and the ones I saw where all shimmery.

Now this below would be more my thing!

Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Gel FX Coat

There are quite a few pictures of this circulating on the blogosphere. Here is a link to a video demonstrating how it works. I'm sorry but I wasn't able to insert it in this post. To watch it click, here.

This top coat is for gel manicures but it would be great to have a formula for regular nail polishes.

I don't know much about Orly, I've never tried any of their products and was a little disappointed by their website. It fact it's a little outdated and browsing through it I stumbled upon a collection for the movie Dark Shadows which did in fact come out in May but that was back in 2012!

From last year, still showing on Orly's website

As I said, Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Gel FX Coat is available only at salons but it would seem that it will soon be available via Ebay. My guess is it would probably work with one of these kits below...

Sally Hansen is starting to have quite a nice selection of colors both for the regular gel kit and for the strips. I wasn't able to see the price of the Kiss kit but my guess is that since this was at Walmart, it's probably a brand that is less expensive. There is also one from Sephora which I had introduced back in December, here.

Although the look of a gel manicure is quite stunning, for some reason I'm not attracted by these kits anymore. I just can't imagine myself with the same color for two weeks at the moment and the removal process, I may be mistaking here, but it seems quite laborous. These days many cosmetics companies are coming out with new nail polish formulas that imitate the gel finish quite well. L'Oréal has some and have you seen the new Clinique collection? The Black Honey is just amazing! You can see it on my bloguerette friend Sunny, here.

It would seem that I've become a nail polish addict and I'm having way too much fun going from one color to the other these days. In fact I have to refrain myself otherwise I fear this here blog would become a nail blog!

What do you think about the Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Gel FX Coat? Would you go for a gel nail polish, salon or at home kit?

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