Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pupa Ultra Shine Eyeliner / Review

The other day at the drugstore I stumbled upon a display of Pupa's 50's Dream Collection which came out for Spring 2013. I guess they where getting ready for the new Summer collection since all the items where reduced. Curious, I noticed the eyeliners, a turquoise and a deep plum. I tried the latter on my hand and although I liked the color, I found it a little glittery for my taste. The fact that it was a liquid didn't help either. I usually stay away from those since I've never been able to really master the application technique.

So I left the drugstore and went about with my day. When I got home I of course washed my hands. The eyeliner didn't budge. I must have repeated this at least four times and still, the eyeliner swatch was on my hand!

That stuff wore like iron!!!

The next day I went back for one. I figured even if it takes me 10 minutes, it would be a good option for when I want to make sure my makeup stays on an entire day.

I tried I swear I did. Swatches where impossible and 
the pictures of the applicator where all blurry.

As it turned out, it is a liquid but the applicator is not a thin brush but rather a stiff felt tip. This is what enabled me to cut down on application time. I ended up having to make just a few corrections. For this I used Arianne's trick from Glitter Geek which works way better than what I used to do which was use concealer. You can have a look at her tutorial, here. The only difference to Arianne is that I used Lancôme Effacil.

So ok it's glittery, shoot me!

I usually stay away from glitter like the plague BUT in this case, it's gorgeous! Since I only wore it with a plain light taupe it made my green eyes pop! A nice thick layer of Benefit They're Real! mascara and wow, just wow!

A word of caution, if ever you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, make sure the application is complete before going for your mascara otherwise you may end up with glitter on your lashes.

So now I feel like crying! I got the LAST one! They where reduced from $18.00 to $10.00. I'm also crying because what they have in their regular collection appears different so I'm hoping this was a kind of "testing the waters to see if it will sell" kind of product and that they will make it part of their regular line up.

Who know, they may give us options minus glitter. :)

What's the eye liner that wears like iron on you?

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