Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Catherine's Birthday!!!

Today is my baby's birthday!

A few hours ago she officially turned 14!

Tempus fugit!

I often have the feeling that it was only yesterday that she started to take her first steps. Now she's taller than me and is of course, quite proud of it. She has an elegance about her that I did not see coming for she used to be more graceful in the water than on the ground, just like a swan.

She's beautiful, she's my baby.

Smart, serious and beautiful, I do believe she will grow up to be a classy and fabulous woman, one her father would be proud of and I'll do everything I can to help her on her journey, for as long as I can.

As I've mentioned before, she's not a girly girl. She has no interest in makeup except for nail polish and even that she doesn't wear all the time. She's still quite clumsy about application so more often than not I'm the one doing her nails. This weekend it was her friend who did it for her and so today she has on O.P.I Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey collection. Earlier this Spring I got her a Clarins bronzer but she has yet to use it. Really not girly!

Since she's got all the electronic anyone would want, I got her a purse and a wallet. I chose it big enough so she can carry her iPad (this was what her dad gave her last year for her birthday), books and whatever else she wants to bring along. It's not a girly bag either, more of a sports / messenger kind of purse. She loves blue so I chose navy which is perfect to go with jeans.

What do you think? Think she's gonna like these?

For some mysterious reason I had the hardest time trying to take a picture of the little 
monkey which is attached to the wallet. This one is the clearest I could get.

It's funny that the brand is called Kipling. Like most parents, André and I used to love to read her stories before bed and The Jungle Book was a favorite. While I would make up different voices for each characters, André was more of a serious reader. His voice so soothing to her. I know she misses it and sadly we only have a few short recordings of it.

So in a way, this gift with it's reference to a favorite story, is kind of a *wink* to the past. I do hope she likes it and I do believe André would have approved.

Another milestone whithout her dad, on Friday it will be three months since he left us. Today all I can hope for is that he'll be smiling down one her. She was his pride and joy, she was his princess and mostly, his best pool!*

Happy birthday Sweetness!

*Not a typo, that was between them.

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