Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Current Favorites / Makeup

There's a lot of makeup on my table but these are the items I reach for the most and all have been reviewed, just click on their names if you want to know more about them.

As you can see, for me, less is more! I don't wear foundation but I do wear concealer and powder. Why do I have three concealers? I don't have dark circles but do have a little redness on my lids and I find that either one of these serves me well as an eye shadow base. Rimmel, Hard Candy and Laura Mercier are all favorites and I use either one of them depending on my mood but I do tend to reach for Rimmel most of the time.

Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat is my go to powder at the moment. So light and natural, it goes from my table to my purse when I go out. I often use the "dark" beige as an eye shadow when I want a "no makeup" makeup look.

Revlon Colorstay Quad in Sea Mist. This is such a surprise for me since I haven't used any of Revlon's products for years except for a lip butter purchased one year ago. I've been reaching for it every morning, especially the dark purple which is quite flattering on green eyes. I've used these eye shadows on hot days (we've had only few so far) and I must say, they have good staying power. For such an inexpensive item I couldn't be more pleased.

L'Oréal's Infaillible Lacker Liner 24h in Dark Slate, the best I've tried so far. I have deep set eyes and let's be real, my upper lids are starting to be influenced by gravity. *sigh* This eye liner has not let me down so far except on the day when I had to work in the yard for a bit and it was extremely hot (38C with humidity). After about 40 minutes or so, it was starting to disappear on me. Now let's be fair, I don't think any eye liner would have resisted that. The color, Dark Slate is perfect for me. Dark but not as harsh as black would be. Even if I'm a brunette I have a fair complexion and I don't always curl my lashes. A black eye liner would be the only thing one would see on my face.

Benefit's They're Real! Given my recent rave review it's no surprise that this is the mascara I reach for every morning. When I want to keep the curl all day, I heat my Shiseido lash curler with my blow dryer. With Benefit's mascara the process is not as long for they get and keep the curl pretty fast.

La Terracotta de Guerlain, my favorite basic bronzer. No shimmer, perfect for contouring I sometimes even use it as an eye shadow or liner on the outer ends of my lower lids.

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo... Love! This is the perfect summer glow in a compact! The bronzer side gives a light natural tanned look with just enough of a satiny finish. It's not shimmery and so I don't look like a disco ball. Mixed with the coral, perfect glow! I apply the coral lightly on my cheeks but also on my upper lids, very lightly. This gives the effect of having been in the Sun without the damage. I'm so glad I gave in to temptation. :)

M.A.C Whole Lotta Love Pro Longwear Blush. The only item I haven't reviewed yet and I'm starting to wonder why I purchased it. I've used it only once, the day after I bought it. It was lovely but for some reason I'm not attracted by it, especially since I got my Diorskin Duo. I rarely wear pinks and so far Bourjois Rose Ambré (not shown on the picture) was my go to. For Summer I wanted something with a little more brightness, reason why I got this M.A.C but now I don't know when I'll use it. I guess I included it in this line up in the hope I'll start using it soon. :)

I don't know why NARS Larger Than Life Gloss in Gold Digger is there either since I've only used it a few times. I guess in this case it's to remind me that I want to try it in another color... :)

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 05 Candy Shimmer and 06 Rosewood Shimmer. These I reach for every day. Moisturizing, they give a little dimension to my lips and are perfect for a natural look.

NARS Satin Lipstick in Tolède really turned out to be my Summer lipstick so far. This color is perfect and I get a good four hours of colors. Light, I haven't found it drying so far although I don't wear it every day, only when I go out. It goes with everything but I must admit I don't wear super bright colors This shade should definitely become part of NARS regular line up because again, for me, it's perfect!

Oh how long does it take me to put on "my face" in the morning? Rarely more than 10 minutes! Unless I'm experimenting with a new color or product, I've got my basic look pretty much covered.

How long does it take you to put on your makeup in the morning?

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