Sunday, June 23, 2013

Notable Reads & Google Changes...

I've mentioned before that several blogs are sources of inspirations for me. Not every subject comes out of my head, although that could be fun. Seeing what others are doing keep me on my toes and I do believe it has helped me better my style. Once in a while I go back to some of my earlier entries and I'm glad to see that I have indeed progressed positively. Although some reviews are still kind of simplistic, there are others I'm quite proud of.

When I first started I would follow blogs by registering through emails. This is great if you don't follow that many but if like me you're closer to fifty than ten blogs, then it's not really practical especially considering the fact that some bloggers are quite active and can have more than two entries a day. After a time my in-box was screaming! Thankfully I discovered other ways to follow.

Google Reader...

If you are a beauty blogger you probably already know that Google Reader will be offline as of July 1st. Now it's important to note that this is not the same as Google Friend Connect (GFC). In case you're wondering, it's the widget with the pictures on the right side of this page that can be found on many blogs. Google Reader was a way to access the list of blogs one follows in one place quickly and it's disappearance means you won't be able to refer to it anymore. Personally I never used it but I know it was well liked by many. Once I've stopped following through email, I used Hellocotton, Bloglovin and GFC which is linked to Blogger. Hellocotton has disappeared, with no warnings. One day I clicked on the icon and it took me to a French page with no blog list. I wrote to them but received no apologies, no nothing. I know many bloggers liked it and in fact some still have the icon on their site.

This leaves us with Bloglovin which in fact is the one I've used the most for several months now and I think it has become one of the most popular. If you read  several blogs on a regular basis it is quite convenient as long as your selected blogs have the follow me button of course. You don't have to be a blogger to register and you are not troubled with notifications every time someone posts something new. On the right side on my page you can see the main blogs I follow but there are quite a few more on Bloglovin.

You can follow me on Bloglovin by either clicking on this image 
or on the button on the right side of the page.

Google+ is slowly growing on me and I post all my links on my profile. If you already have a Gmail address then you do have access to it. Simply click on the follow of the selected person or blog and you're all set. I may be mistaking but I wouldn't be surprised if eventually Google Friend Connect ends up being replaced by Google+ so we might as well get used to it.

Click to follow via Google+

Google Reader/Google Friend Connect and Why GFC Isn't Disappearing YET, Fashion Beauty ETC.

What caught my attention recently...


Top Coats: Dior Gel Top Coat vs. Chanel Laque Brillance Extrême, The Beauty Look Book. This entry makes me think I need both! *sigh* Oh and she has pictures of the new Fall 2013 Chanel Collection Superstition Vernis.

Make-up Tutorial, Kiss & Makeup. Melissa created three beautiful eye makeup looks with the e.l.f. 100 Piece Eye Palette which by the way is so affordable. Sadly it's not available in my area.

My Top 3: Heat Protectors For Hair, Strawberry Blonde. Nic gives us her top 3 and explains why she loves these sprays.

Something to think about...

A Lesson About Beauty From French Women, Ça veut dire quoi?

Covent Garden In My Bikini? British Beauty Blogger.

Fun Stuff...

Celebrities before and after Photoshop. This is a funny link worth a look.

Chinese Crazyness. What will they think of next?

Disturbing Japanese Beauty Secrets, Total Beauty.

The Funniest Tampon Commercial... Ever, Total Beauty.


Funny but this week for some reason and entry from last August has resurfaced and is now on top of my Most Popular list. One of the pictures I used is one of the British group Madness. I thought it would be fun to include one of their videos. I used to loooove this song!!! The entry is Manic Panic!!!

Madness, Our House, released in November 1982

Have a great week everyone! xoxoxo Hélène

Keep Calm image from Nice Day Designs.

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