Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mavala Nail Polish / Swatches of Trinidad, Nice & Paris

For some mysterious reason Mavala nail polishes are rarely mentioned and yet this brand, which first appeared out of Geneva in 1958, is available practically everywhere. As a teen I had several of these little bottles of nail polishes in dark blue and green, way before they ever became fashionable. Mavala always had a great selection of colors and the neat thing is that they make them available in small bottles that are always very affordable. If you're looking for a color you know you'll wear only a few times, Mavala is a great line to look into. No long term relationship required, lasts the time of a vacation, a trend or a season.

One has to admit, these colors are beautiful!

Mavala never changed their presentation, it's always been the same, with their small 5 ml bottles decked with pretty golden caps, long enough for a comfortable hold. No flash, classic and easily recognisable. Their names, cities and places for a beautiful trip around the world. The colors I chose here, Trinidad for my daughter, Nice and Paris for me.

Nice is a beautiful orangy red, it actually comes out a little more orange than on the pictures below. This one I will keep for July, when the weather is warmer.

Two coats on the left, with Seche Vite on the right.

Trinidad, my daughter did fall in love with it. A beautiful bright blue, I will likely borrow it from her to wear  one on my toes since I find it perfect to go with jeans. Paris is a beautiful bright red with pink undertones. Below, I did an accent nail with Trinidad so you could have an idea of the color. Although it looks cute with Paris, it's not really my thing. A bit too red and blue for my taste.

Two coats on the left, with Seche Vite on the right.

Although the bottles are small, the brush is excellent. The formula is on the thick side and perfect to enable a steady application. I found Nice and Trinidad to be a little on the sheer side and three coats would have been better but for Paris, two where perfect. I was pretty amazed at how fast they dried enabling me to apply the top coat without being scared of ruining the finish. As for performance, I may update this post to give you more precise info if ever I wear these more than a few days.

The price, these where reduced and where 3 / $9.99. Their regular price is usually under $5.00 so like I said, for a fun color with which you don't want a long term relationship, these are pretty fun.

When was the last time you purchased a Mavala nail polish?

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