Thursday, June 6, 2013

Embarking On A New Quest For Perfect Hair...

I was blessed with a full head of hair that is thick, in fact thicker than most. I'm not complaining about that, far from it. I'm one of those who can really have it below the waist and it has reached that length a few times in my life. On a good hair day, I love it and I won't lie, it does make me feel more confident. On a bad hair day, well, let's just say I'd rather not get out of the house. Ok maybe not that bad but still I don't like it when I hate my hair.

So my hair is thick and full and gorgeous, blah blah blah and.... it frizzes!!!

You'll think, she's at it again with the weather... Let me tell ya, the weather in Montreal these days is enough for me to start wearing a wig!!!

One day it's freezing cold, like today and the next can be super humidly hot! Last Sunday was cold and humid! What kind of weather will we have this weekend? Damned if I know! Sorry about that but again, it's been crazy!

So, I am now embarking on a new Quest (note the capital letter) to find the perfect combination of hair products that will tame my mane for 48 hours straight! I am looking for nothing other than the Holy Grail of hair products.

Oh and they have to be from the drugstore, readily available! Am I asking for too much? I sure hope not!

Here are some products I've been using and new purchases...

L'Oréal Elnet is a staple for me. TRESemmé I've been using a while now so I'll be bringing you reviews of these soon. Frizz-Ease and L'Oréal Oil have been used only a few times and the Garnier products have not been tried yet. I also apply oils on the lengths at the end of my shower, either avocado or sweet almond.

Now for some mysterious reason, even though I do love my hair, on a good hair day, I hate spending money on it. Weird of me and I have no idea why. So I will give drugstore brands one more go and if I keep failing then maybe I'll look at salon options.

I sincerely hope my Quest will end before Summer does so if you have any suggestions, they will be sooo welcome! :)

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